Once upon a time on a planet called Snail-X there was a snail named Stormy von Snail. Stormy always wondered what was beyond the planet. When he was full-grown, he trained to become an astronaut to research space and beyond. 

One day Stormy went to another planet called Snail-Y, but while he was there, relaxing under some cool leaves, things started spinning out of control. He realized the planet was being sucked into a black hole! There was debris flying everywhere, and he got knocked out! 

When he woke up, he was in the multiverse! There where all kinds of strange slugs, bugs and spiders that he’d never seen before, and they were all trying to eat him! “Good thing I have a bow and arrow in my backpack! I can shoot arrows at them to scare them off,” said Stormy. That’s just what he did, and they ran away as fast as they could. 

“Now, how will I get out of here?” he said. Then he heard a voice saying, “You can’t get out!” It was a very old, tired slug! “I’ve been stuck in this multiverse since 2050!” Stormy was not happy, but he also wasn’t scared. “I need to get out, and I will, no matter what!”

To Be Continued!

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