Snails like lettuce, cucumber, and carrots. They don’t like rhubarb or onions. 

They like to live in grass and other leafy plants. They need a damp, but not soggy environment. They do not like a hot, dry environment.

Snails are very curious, and they can move quickly when interested. They get tired quickly, or when they are bored.

Snails are very interesting creatures!



Snails are part of the family Gastropoda which is in mollusca. Mollusks are found all around the globe. Their are sea snails. The one sea snail that is venomous is the cone snail, but all the other snails and sea snails are harmless as your average house fly.

Mollusca includes octopuses, cuttlefish, scallops, squid and more… But that is a different story.

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