Snail Rescue Center

How the snail Rescue center started

It all started 10 years ago when we were at our great-grandma’s house. We were walking along the sidewalk after a rain storm, when I almost stepped on a snail. I put it carefully on some bushes and kept on walking. Then we saw another snail, and then more snails. Everywhere we looked, there were more snails! They were on the sidewalk, the bushes, and the grass. There were big snails and small snails, brown snails and yellow snails. We were amazed! 

Sadly, some snails were being stepped on as they tried to cross the sidewalk! 

We went to our great-grandma and asked for a bucket with a lid. We made many small holes in the lid. We rescued 20 snails from the danger of the sidewalk and put them in the bucket. We promised to give them happy snail lives.

Later that day, we bought a large, clear bin with a secure lid. We cut the lid with sheers and duck-taped on window screen so that the snails would have safe, secure home with good air flow. We put in garden dirt from our back yard and bunches of green grass, dandelions, and flowering plants. We put in some rocks and sticks, and other features for enjoyment. We put in some lettuce and cucumber, and a jar lid filled with water. We carefully put all 20 snails into their new home. 

That is how our Snail Rescue Center began!

These snails are the rescued snails

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