Once upon a time in a land far, far away there lived a snail named Meatball. He lived in a wizard tower because he was a wizard. He was making a potion to go super fast instead of going super slow. He wanted to speed things up!

One day he finally finished the potion. He drank the potion right away and he got the super speed he wanted. He was zooming all around the tower at super speed. “Yes, I have done it!” said Meatball excitedly. 

Unfortunately, he went so fast that he found himself in the future! He hit the brakes, and landed in a war zone!

“What happened?” said Meatball to himself. “I guess I went too fast! Where am I?” 

Bombs were going off everywhere. Fighter planes were exploding. Snails were crawling around slowly, and trying to take cover. He asked the nearest snail what year it was, and the snail shouted, “It’s 3057, and this is World War 3! Ahhhhhhhh!” he screamed, and crawled away slowly.

“I need to protect Snail-Tropolis,” said Meatball to himself. He quickly started to build a very high wall out of indestructible steel to protect the city. He did have super speed, after all. 

Before he finished the wall, a bomb landed nearby and sent rocks flying everywhere. “Bam!” Meatball was hit! He didn’t die though, because one of the potion’s side effects was to give him super repair speed. He struggled to continue finishing the wall while his shell repaired itself, but he did it! Finally, the wall was built and his shell was repaired. 

He retired behind the wall, and grew himself a beard and a lettuce garden. 

Six years later, World War 3 had ended and every one in Snail-Tropolis was safe, all thanks to Meatball’s indestructible steel wall.

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