The Snailiverse and Slugzilla: Part 1

Along time ago in a universe far, far away there was a land of snails! It was called the Snailiverse.

Every creature in the Snailiverse was a kind of snail. There were hundreds of thousands of kinds of snails. There were giant gardens for giant snails, and tiny gardens for tiny snails. Yet, their snail world was not perfect because there were slugs.

These slugs were not like your normal slugs. These slugs were huge and ate snails! 

Suddenly a giant slug emerged from a lake. “Oh no, the legend of Slugzilla is true!” screamed a nearby snail, as it crawled for its life. “We are going to get eaten!” wailed another snail. 

A wise old snail was watching the weather news on its TV, and saw that it was going to rain salt! “Everyone go in your shell, and seal your shell door shut!” the snail called. 

The snails did as they were instructed. The slug got salted and melted away, and the snails were saved from both the salt rain and Slugzilla! Everyone lived happily ever after.

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