Super Vision!

Once upon a time, there was a snail named Super Vision who wanted to go very fast.

Super Vision went to his garage and worked on special a project. It was a jet pack! 

His friend Slimey checked on him every week. He brought food and friendly advice.

Finally, after 10 months, it was done! Super Vision was excited to test it out. 

It worked great! He thought it was amazing!

Suddenly, he heard a voice that was really far away. He heard, “Help me!”

It was Princess Rosemary, locked in a tower that was guarded by a fire breathing raven! 

“I have to save her,” Super Vision said to himself. 

He flipped a switch and the jet pack went on full speed to the tower. Super Vision jumped off the jet pack and into the tower. 

The jet pack hit the fire breathing raven and exploded into flames. 

Super Vision met Princess Rosemary, who was very nice and very thankful.

Super Vision said good-bye, and started to think about his next project!


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